SIBcoin добавлен на децентрализованную биржу BarterDEX от платформы Komodo

Подробнее читайте и задавайте Ваши вопросы на форуме!

Hello SIB community —

SIB is available for atomic swap trading on Komodo Platform’s decentralized exchange, BarterDEX! Right NOW, peer2peer, on Mainnet with live orderbooks. Anyone can test it out if you’d like. We are taking privacy to new heights by keeping your funds and privkeys in YOUR HANDS! zK-SNARK coin Jumblr in YOUR HANDS! Liquidity of each coin is still building, but BarterDEX can pair your coin with any other of the 80+ coins on the exchange. If a team member, perhaps someone from marketing, would like to test out an atomic swap through our GUI, please send me a DM : ) We have a team availabe for walking leaders of featured coins through the Komodo ecosystem to teach you how your community can benefit from BarterDEX!
This is truly a community project — the keys are now in your hands! YOU can be a marketmaker for your coin, making it available to BarterDEX users around the globe 24/7. YOU can create a SPV electrum server, allowing BarterDEX users to manage and trade your coin without downloading the entire blockchain. We would be happy to assist you with setting these up. It would be nice to have your coin paired with KMD — then we could introduce it to the community as having liquidity in BarterDEX!

Welcome to the BarterDEX decentralized exchange!

Trade freely and safely,